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Arts martiaux à Genève : Me Gildo Mezzo 7th dan of the Aikikai

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce to you that our teacher Gildo Mezzo, professor, in our club, Aikido and Ken Jutsu Kashima Shin Ryu, has just been awarded the 7th dan of Aikido By the Hombu Dojo. This appointment was announced at the annual Kagami biraki ceremony on Sunday 11 January.

Gildo Mezzo has been a professor of Aikido at Shung Do Kwan for 40 years and an internationally recognized expert in this discipline. This appointment will also delight the students of Gildo who appreciate the clarity and rigor of his teaching and the high quality of Aikido that he gives them to see and practice.

Having initiated the procedure leading to the awarding of the 7th dan to Mr Gildo Mezzo, as President of Shung Do Kwan and subsequently followed at Swiss level, I am particularly pleased with his positive conclusion and this prestigious recognition from the top Level achieved by Me Gildo Mezzo in this discipline.

The Shung Do Kwan addresses to Mr Gildo Mezzo his most heartfelt congratulations for this 7th dan of Aikido!

Finally let us not forget to also congratulate Georges Morisod, to whom the Hombu Dojo has just awarded the 5th dan of Aikido. !


Jean Michel Kaliszewski
President of Shung Do Kwan, Geneva