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Arts martiaux à Genève : Juliane Robra, Objective: Rio!

Our judoka Juliane Robra, who while pursuing a prestigious career in judo competition has always expressed his attachment to the SDK, is now preparing for the 2016 Olympics scheduled in Rio.

In order to help Juliane financially, we have, as announced at the AGM 2015, launched a campaign, in-house for our professors, to raise funds for its preparation. This campaign has been well received and is already a success. In order to allow all members and supporters of the SDK to participate as well, as some of us have requested, we announce the opening of this campaign to all. You can therefore make a payment of the amount of your choice on the account of the SDK (see your BVR for the data of the account) mentioning "for Juliane Robra: objective Rio 2016! "

We hope you will also be participating in this campaign!


Jean Michel Kaliszewski
President of Shung Do Kwan Budo, Geneva