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Arts martiaux à Genève :  Opening of a new schedule of BJJ

On Monday, October 3, 2016 at 8 pm, the JJB section opened a new time slot with the Aikido section, which we warmly thank.

In the coming of 2016 we saw a large number of new heads flock in. In order to make our section more attractive at the level of the offer and following complaints from our members, we decided to create a second evening of training. To do so, we asked our friend Ivan MORALES, black belt 1st level to join our team (left of Alain in the photo). As a reminder, our JJB & NE WAZA section proposes four training sessions today: Monday and Wednesday evening, Tuesday lunch and Friday morning, hosted by our faithful and courageous Ciril SCHULZ.

Another word to tell you that if you have the desire and the chance to concretize a stay in RIO DE JANEIRO in order to train you, the school of André NEGAO, our teacher in Brazil, welcomes you with open arms. For more information, I am at your disposal.

Head of the BJJ & NE WAZA section.

 Opening of a new schedule of BJJ -