Yoseikan Budo

History of the Martial Art

Histoire Yoseikan Budo

The yoseikan-budô was created in Europe in the 70s by Me Hiro Mochizuki, eldest son of Me Minoru Mochizuki. The latter, considered one of the great masters of martial arts of the 20th century, is 10th dan of aikidô, 9th dan of jûjutsu, 8th dan of iaidô and 8th dan de jûdô. He was one of the assistants of Me Kanô, founder of the jûdô, and of Me Ueshiba, founder of the aikidô.

Me Hirô Mochizuki extends his father's research in mastering the different styles of combat. Expert in the various combat schools, including aikidô (8th dan), jûjutsu (8th dan), karate (7th dan), iaidô (7th dan), jûdô (3rd dan) Of kobudo (bô, jô, sai, naginata), Me Mochizuki is also interested in the different styles of boxing (English, French and Chinese).

His research led him to highlight the correspondence between all the martial arts. If they are visually different, the martial arts proceed from the same logic, that which mobilizes the body energy through ripple (or vibration when executed at high speed). In yoseikan-budo, the learning of different forms of combat is thus accelerated. For example, learning how to work weapons improves typing skills, and vice versa.

Knowledge not only of atemi techniques, but also of keys, projections, immobilizations and the use of weapons (stick, saber, nunchaku, etc.) makes it possible to react in all situations, The distances. Me Mochizuki is returning to the tradition of the samurai, who were to be ready to face any form of fighting, and therefore had to constantly innovate technically and strategically. According to Me Hirô Mochizuki, the tradition of the samurai is thus the change, the adaptation to the realities of his time. The morphologies have changed, the instruments of everyday life, our environment too, while new forms of combat have appeared. It should be taken into account.

The yoseikan-budo is therefore not fixed; It is a martial arts research laboratory that evolves with its time.

History of the Section

First, this discipline was introduced at the SDK through the aikido (Mochizuki form) taught by Mr. Haruyoshi Watanabe, a pupil of Mr. Hiro Mochizuki. In 1975, when the latter founded his method, the yoseikan-budô, some of the students of the SDK decided to follow this new path. Maurice Penseyres, currently 7th dan and assistant to Me Hirô Mochizuki, launched this new section, which at the beginning included about fifteen practitioners. Subsequently, the members of the section continued to follow the teachings of the yoseikan-budô, again with the support of Mr. Mochizuki and Mr. Penseyres. Thus, the yoseikan-budô section of the SDK followed the teachings of this discipline from its foundation. Currently, our dôjô has been chosen to host all the international courses given in Switzerland by Me Mochizuki.
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