Our Association

70 years at the service of the Japanese Martial Arts...

Association d'Arts Martiaux à Genève

We are not a company, we do not sell martial arts classes, but we are a club organized as a non-profit association.

Members are part of Shung Do Kwan to share a common passion, the Japanese martial arts. We work hard to master our art, some times, for decades, and like to exchange and share our knowledge. We do not impose rules, but rely on the spirit of dedication of our members.

Thus, the members of the committee are volunteers and ensure the smooth running of our almost 100-year-old institution.

By registering with us, you will also have access to all of this. You will become a member and not a customer, you will come to receive and not consume. And when you acquire what knowledge, then you can give your turn. We thank you in advance for all this.

Shung Dô Kwan or Shû Dô Kan ?

Many Japanese people are confused by the name of our club. The pronunciation of the three ideograms is indeed Korean. The Japanese would pronounce them Sû or Shû Dô Kan. Shung or Sû / Shû means Noble; Dô: the Way; Kwan or Kan means the Place, the Building. The amalgam of these three kanji gives: the Place (where we study) the Noble Way. It is in memory of the sponsor of our club, Doctor Hanhô Rhi, who baptized it in 1953 when the club was called Jiu-Jiutsu Club of Geneva, that successive committees were keen to keep Korean pronunciation.

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