Visit of Nourdine

Visit of Nourdine

This Wednesday, March 29, 2017, we were lucky to welcome Nourdine (in seiza in the center of the photo) on our tatami. During this particular training, Nourdine gave us the benefit of his experience of the technique of the triangle which won him many victories in competition. Moreover, it has given us a magnificent technique of reversal that has not left us indifferent. In the end, I want to point out the presence of Damien's cousin, Adrian (standing in the center of the photo) who also practices our discipline in Galicia (Spain). Thank you to our two visitors and we look forward to seeing you on our tatami mats.

Head of the JJB section of the SDK

Beginning : 2017-03-29 (20:00:00)
End : 2017-03-29 (21:30:00)
Sections concerned : BJJ

Photos and videos of the event