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Arts martiaux à Genève : Laure, captain of the Swiss women's team of Kendo!

Definitely the Kendo is honored at Shung Do Kwan these days because I am pleased to announce that Laure Bellivier, representative of this discipline within our club, has been elected captain of the Swiss women's Kendo by her teammates!

Laure has been a Kendoka for 10 years and has been a member of the Swiss women's team for 6 years and in addition to winning her 3rd dan, she can already boast an impressive record:

- Participation in two world championships,

- Participation in two European championships (the 3rd this year),

- 3 times Swiss vice-champion in women's category.

Bravo Laure, and all good for the sequel! Now Laure has a new mission, as captain of the Swiss women's team in Kendo, and knowing her enthusiasm, team spirit and leadership qualities, we can guarantee that she will face this new challenge with success ! In any case this is what we wish him wholeheartedly!


Jean Michel Kaliszewski
President of Shung Do Kwan Budo, Geneva