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The Way of Flexibility

Educational sports, activity of relaxation and pleasure, the judo is adapted to all the age groups. Physical upkeep and conviviality are important motivations for adult judoka. Exchange, sharing, and mutual progression are fundamental elements of the relationship with the partner. Everyone progressing at his own pace.

Children's Judo

Judo offers this exceptional characteristic of being both an individual sport that is practiced in a group and a formidable art of living. Based on the balance between body and mind, judo allows children to channel their energy and gain a high level of self-confidence. Introducing judo to his child is a way to help him grow, discover oneself and discover others. It is at the same time a learning of his body and of the effort, a discovery of the other in a process of socialization. Judo is also the assimilation of a moral code that promotes politeness, self-control, honor, friendship, respect, modesty, courage and sincerity.

  • Politeness means respecting others

  • Self-control is careful when I get nervous

  • Honor is gaining respect from others

  • Friendship is not to leave someone alone

  • Respect is to behave in a civilized way

  • Modesty is not to say that we are the best

  • Courage is facing the danger

  • Sincerity is really saying what you think

It is in contact with others in true solidarity that the child progresses and is enriched. Irrespective of age, income, sex or skin color; The older ones take care of the little ones and the old ones welcome the new ones. Pleasure to learn, pleasure to meet, conviviality; In judo the children make a lot of buddies.

More than 130 children and adolescents now practice Judo in the Shung Do Kwan Budo. If the practice of judo begins, generally, at the age of 7 years, the Shung Do Kwan Budo proposes the pre-judo from 5 years. At this age, judo is above all a playful activity and a pedagogy focused on the physical and social development.

The child will then discover the first techniques and perfect them. The color belts symbolize the progress made by the child. This is done on the basis of a progressive pedagogy, adapted to the child in order to allow him to learn and express himself while having fun.

The Kids of the SDK finally have a site dedicated to them. Do not hesitate to come and discover it.
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Jita Kyôei · Seiryoku Zenyô
(Mutual Prosperity · Better use of energy)
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Next Events

Some of the upcoming events organized by the section

Soirée Sushi

Soirée Sushi

Traditionnel repas de fin d'année après un entrainement en commun.Judo

Démonstrations de fin d'année !

Démonstrations de fin d'année !

Toutes les sections du Shung Do Kwan vous donne rendez-vous au dojo Liotard pour une après-midi de démonstrations.Aikido +

Old Events

Archives of events organized by the section

Fighting Klass

Fighting Klass

3h of randori in different ways : boxing, ground fighting, weapons...Aikido +

Kangeiko 2017

Kangeiko 2017

Come and participate in the traditional winter training!Aikido +

Démonstrations de fin d'année !

Démonstrations de fin d'année !

Toutes les sections du Shung Do Kwan vous donne rendez-vous au dojo Liotard pour une après-midi de démonstrations.Aikido +


Latest news from the section

Arts martiaux à Genève : Closure of the Dojo Liotard during the holidays

After the water damage at the Liotard Dojo, the city decided to close the dojo completely during the holiday period in order to replace the floor.

This does not mean the end of the training because most sections have introduced alternatives (including other training places) to continue the courses!

We invite you to contact your section representatives to find out what your section has set up.

If some of you would like to get business in their lockers before the start of the work and the complete closure of the dojo, we invite them to do so before the end of this week!

Arts martiaux à Genève : Holiday and festive season

The wishes of the president, on behalf of the committee, for the end of 2016.

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Arts martiaux à Genève : Luca and Nathan 1st Kyu

The Judo section congratulates Luca and Nathan for their 1st Kyu!

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Arts martiaux à Genève : New mission for Behyar Moftakhary

The Judo section is happy that Behyar Moftakhary will now contribute to the evolution at the Kata level and preparing Dan exams.

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Arts martiaux à Genève : Juliane Robra, Objective: Rio!

Our judoka Juliane Robra, who while pursuing a prestigious career in judo competition has always expressed his attachment to the SDK, is now preparing for the 2016 Olympics scheduled in Rio.

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