Kangeiko 2017

Come and participate in the traditional winter training!

Kangeiko 2017

As usual, the appointment is fixed at 5:45 at the Liotard Dojo, in order to throw a bucket of cold water, dry and go out to train collectively 45 minutes outside under the direction of an instructor of the SDK which gives a training of his discipline, accessible to all the participants. Then we return, salute together and work another 45 minutes in our respective disciplines.

Beginning : 2017-02-06 (05:45:00)
End : 2017-02-11 (08:00:00)
Sections concerned : Aikido Iaido BJJ Jodo Judo Jujutsu Karatedo Kendo Kenjutsu Kyudo Ne Waza Nunchaku Shodo Yoseikan Budo

Photos and videos of the event