Kagamibiraki 2017

The Kagamibiraki 2017 Stage of JODÔ, given by Pascal Krieger with the help of the teachers of Shung Do Kwan but also from all Europe was held from 6 to 8 January in Cartigny.

Kagamibiraki 2017

More than 100 participants representing more than 10 countries practiced in a very warm and studious atmosphere according to the calligraphic themes :

- Left calligraphy: Shinto Muso Riu Jodô.

- Calligraphy on the right, reading from left to right and from top to bottom:
Chin.Moku: Silence and inner void.
Shi-Chô: Watch out, listen.
Ki-Oku: Memorizing, learn.
Jishi: Application in execution.

Beginning : 2017-01-06 (00:00:00)
End : 2017-01-08 (00:00:00)
Sections concerned : Jodo

Photos and videos of the event

Kagamibiraki 2017 -
Kagamibiraki 2017 -