Honorary Members

Gaston de Haller

One of the founders of our club. Jûdôka (1st Dan), an excellent technician, he was responsible for training beginners for whom he was both the father and the teacher at the same time.

André Blanc

Advisor to the City of Geneva, he was the negotiator with the leaders of the SDK of the time for the acceptance and the attribution of the present dôjo.

François Fischer

Aikidôka, jûdôka and kendôka, he led the club with a hand of master to put it financially back on track.

Désiré Schneuwly

Member of the SDK of the first hour. Jodoka (4th Dan), he was mostly concerned with the children of whom he was very much beloved. He was also a national referee.

Hachihei Ôya

P. Ochsner and P. Krieger had noticed this little man during their stay in Japan. Excellent 5th dan, Hachihei was the first jûdôka temporarily invited to the SDK. Very endearing, he was able to show that a jûdôka of small size had all his chances.

Stephan Garlinsky

Passionate Kendôka, he held the section at arm's length and assumed the interim between Me Kondô and Me Watanabe (Susumu).

Susumu Watanabe

Residing in Geneva for professional reasons, Mr. Watanabe, generous and devoted, has made the Kendô section what it is today. It is with regret that the club has returned to Japan.